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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Jordan and animals that begin with C...

I'm glad to see that my son Jordan is enjoying his work as worship leader at his church in Burleson, TX! These two pictures surfaced on Facebook in the last couple of days.

Every week Jordan and a couple of the other youth ministers at his church make an announcement video. This is a candid shot of the chaos which results in a video each week.

Jordan on left.

This is an example of the shenanigans that take place at staff meetings. :)
And another group photo of Jordan and his fellow
church workers. A nice bunch of young folks!
And here is my latest set of ATC's for the Animals of the Alphabet-Letter C swap.
collared peccary



Boy, am I tired!  A long day of frying chicken. Tomorrow is a day off, but I'll be babysitting my grandgirls so Micah can make an hour and a half drive to the only dentist she can find who'll take an emergency patient! She has a bad toothache and her dentist said they could take her in 2 WEEKS! So, she's going to the Smile Center which is about 90 miles away. So, the girls and I will have fun. Hopefully, I'll also have time to run to town to do a couple of necessary errands.
Here are a few items Grandma picked up to make our day more fun...
I saw the cute little Doc McStuffin's wastebasket (we can use it to play basketball!) and that led to stickers, and coloring books. Then I had to get some fruit and veggie pouches. Oh, and fruit snacks. I think I'm prepared!
Have a great rest of your day!
Shalom to all.


  1. Shalom, Lisa! Jordan is very sympathic! He does a good and important work, you can be proud of him!!

    The C-Animals are so sweet and hav a good form, full of character!

    I hope the problem with the teeth of Micah will be solved soon! Two weeks waiting with pain really is NOT okay!

    1. Thank you, Dori! I'm so glad that Jordan gets to do this work that he loves. I think Micah is feeling better. She'll probably get a root canal and a crown soon, which isn't fun, but necessary! :)

  2. By now I imagine the supplies you laid in will have been well-used. Hope it was lots of fun....and now you are tired in a happy way, right?

  3. Thank you, Lisa, for your thoughts and prayers for my son. Looks like Micah could use a bit of God's mercy too. I will pray that the dentist can relieve her and fix what's needed. Two weeks is crazy for a dental emergency! I enjoyed seeing the photos of your son. What a great ministry!

  4. PS. I love the ATC animals. Very clever.


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