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Saturday, June 21, 2014

A productive the best kind of way!

Not productive as in working really hard, though I did take Millie the lawn mower out for a spin. That only lasted about half an hour, but I'm glad I finished up the front yard.
Millie resting in the back yard. I may yet mow some more if the weather holds.
Look who came to visit this morning! This was taken out my back door window.

Mama was a little nervous, but they stayed around for quite a while. I would freeze in place each time she looked up. She never caught on, heh, heh, heh...

I'm thinking this is her yearling buck child. He has little velvet antlers. Awwww...
So, I did my first plein air painting session! Here's what I packed to take along.
I made a little "clipboard" using a small piece of wood and a rubber band. I'm working in one of the little accordion journals and it's hard to hold onto while working! This worked pretty well.

This is what's on  the other side of my little piece of wood. It's a little vacation Bible school project my daughter made about 20 years ago. Wasn't she CUUUUUTE? It's got a coat of Mod Podge on it, so I don't think I'll hurt it. Fun to have her along!

The old vintage Pelikan paint box.

An instant lemonade container for water. The lid is deep enough to use for a separate container for brush cleaning. The cap is one my mom gave me years ago. It's from The Center in Brazosport, Texas, where she took some art classes. It's special.

Everything, including my cell phone fit into the fanny pack...just barely! I had to carry the water container.

See the pile of dead trees on the right? I was sitting under a tree just to the left of it. I could see my dad's old cabin in the woods from there. I found a old round piece of firewood to sit on.

I guess I can't judge the merits of plein air painting on my first try, but I found it a little uncomfortable and inconvenient! I did it sort of rustic-ly, so that may be the problem. No chair, no place to set things except on the ground. Kind of hot outside. Oh well, it was a unique experience and I'm glad I gave it a try. :)

I'm off to explore other possibilities on my day off! Y'all have fun!

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