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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Books and a movie...

I don't mind telling you, I worked HARD today! I got to work at 7 and worked putting the salad bar together. That's a 2-3 hour job in itself. Then about 9:30 we noticed the lady who's supposed to fry chicken hadn't shown up. So, I leaped into action and began frying chicken. I did that until 1:00 when the evening shift folks showed up, at which time I delegated frying to one of them. I then hurried to finish my salad bar duties, which include refilling buckets full of food needed to do the  salad bar tomorrow, and did a ton of dishes to help the evening gals who would be short some help, too. My muscles are so sore! So, tonight I'm watching a movie and fixing myself something yummy to eat.

I've received two books in the mail in the last couple of days and I got a free movie rental because our store installed a new movie rental "box". (An employee perk.)

I started reading The Pace of a Hen today, and I'm loving it! The Big House just arrived today. Tomorrow's a day off and I have some things I need to get done, but I plan to rest as much as I can.

Pom, there is a mysterious pink envelope winging its way to your house. It has something to do with these objects.
Mysterious indeed!

Now to get down to some serious relaxing! Shalom, fine people. :)


  1. The Pace of a Hen is a treasure. My copy looks just like yours. :)

  2. Woo hoo!
    I ordered another copy of The Pace of a Hen for a friend and I received that same copy! I am reading The Big House after I finish my current book (I'll tell you about that later).
    I'm excited for my package!

    1. It is fun to see everyone in blogland reading the same books! Hope you enjoy the goodies!

  3. We're on the same wavelength...I'm watching My House in Umbria to be followed by other British movies and a lot of them featuring Maggie Smith, Judi Dench and other British actresses. One of my favorites...Enchanted April.


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