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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Junque and clutter sale!

I had planned to wait until tomorrow to have my sale, but the sun came out and I decided to go for it!
I quickly carried boxes full of junque/clutter outside and arranged it on a tarp. (The ground is damp from yesterday's rain.)

I just got inundated with garage salers! I've had about 10 vehicles and one guy on foot in the last couple of hours. They started almost immediately after I posted some signs. Wow!

This cute little washtub went for $5. I know...I'm getting jipped, but I'd rather that someone took them and enjoyed them than having to get rid of them some other way. One of the scrub boards and four horse shoes, plus a ceramic Christmas decoration went for $10.

Whoops! Here's another customer! I'm sitting at the dining room table blogging and keeping an eye out the sliding door. Works great!

They bought a vintage letter holder and an old grain scoop for the whopping sum of $5.10. The 10 cents was for a little jar with an antique lid.

A young mother-to-be and two fellows bought 2 iron wheels and a ladder. Another young family bought a snow scoop and the little girl shyly asked about the rabbit watering bottles. I gave them to her. (There goes my profit!)

One lady bought a tractor seat, 3 milk cans, 2 gallon jar butter churns and 3 large iron wagon wheels. I won't tell you how much. Jipped once again. But she said they would go to a good home and Bob was friends with the people she works with. So why not?

I'm also trying to sell Jordan's collection of old video game systems. He said he'll never get around to taking them all the way to Texas. :)

My first customer of the day was a little girl from across the street. She came along with her two yellow labs. I heard a clattering noise outside and when I went to check I realized the noise was caused by one of the labs walking through a box of dishes. I managed to gently ask her to please take the doggies home. She returned later with a lady of about my age and they purchased a couple of items. I was glad to see she wasn't offended and the dogs were left home. The little girl bought a gallon Ziploc bag of colored pencils for $1. (I just bought some new ones and realized I had TOO many! Glad she'll enjoy them!) The lady lives nearby and is the little girl's Kinship partner. Kind of like the Big Sister/Big Brother program. She bought a mirror for $2 and was so thrilled with it. It had been sitting in my closet for a few years, so I was glad it finally found it's mate! :)

Finally, time for lunch! (It's 2:00!)

I'll have a slice of this lusciously moist Bundt cake later!
So many interesting folks stopping by. At present (not very accurate) count there have been 13 vehicles and one guy on foot. The last man who came was about my age, shoulder length silver hair and trimmed beard. Baseball cap and T-shirt tucked into his jeans. He just looked like my idea of a veteran. He stayed about 30 minutes and was very talkative while he carefully looked through all of the old rusty stuff. He bought a few small items and visited a lot. Glenn, something about his manner reminded me of Jeff. Nice guy. There have been lots of older folks poking about. This has been a lot of fun! It was supposed to rain today, but it's turned into a glorious day for a yard sale!

Tomorrow Micah will probably join me and bring some of her own stuff to sell. That should be even more fun!

I'll update this if anything truly amazing happens. Otherwise, have a great weekend, everyone!

Update! Something truly amazing happened! Four bike riders pulled in to look at stuff. One of the girls just had to have a big old cooking pot, so she strapped it on the back of her bike and we all had to tease her about riding 11 miles back to Park Rapids with that funny looking pot on the back of her bike. :)

And then there was JERRY! This weather-beaten little man came rolling in and proceeded to stay for about 3 hours. Well, he did leave for a while and then came back. He bought so many things! Antlers, a milk can, a pulley, a pressure canner. Then he left to call a lady to see if she wanted to buy a saddle from me. He returned and bought 3 saddles, 3 lamps, an old welder, a sawhorse, 3 tractor seats and a few other small items. He may come back another day to wheel and deal on some of the old farm machinery in the pasture. Oh, and he left his number because besides being a flea marketer, he also repairs mobile homes. He was quite a character! (Daughter Micah stayed around until he was gone, just to be proper.) He was spinning yarns the whole time and, I have to admit, I was getting a little tired of standing around. But he did spend a lot of money, so I won't complain! :) Oh, he also gave me two large tomato plants. I've already planted them in my garden!

I've taken down my signs and tomorrow, if the weather holds, I'll put them back up and we'll do it again. Whew!

Shalom and good-night.


  1. A very nice market! Each piece tells an own story. Special atmosphere! Nice weather!

  2. YOU have the best heart, ever. You're so kind, so sound, and so generous. You "get" what really matters. I like you so much, Lisa!

    1. You always say the best things! You made my day! You are a kindred spirit. :)

  3. Butter churns and milk cans and washboards!! Oh my -- If I lived closer to you, I'd have been there FIRST :) What a grand sale. I hope you find it useful to you too.


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