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Monday, June 16, 2014

Of clouds and books, and other things...

Books, books, books! Can't get enough of them! I just ordered The Big House. Gretchen Joanna's review of the book has piqued my curiosity.

I also ordered this book on my Kindle. I have a couple of his writing books and they look good, though they're still waiting in line to be read!
I love taking pictures of beautiful cloud formations. So here goes!

We've had lots of good weather for cloud watching. ;0
I've been playing with my new Prismacolor pencils, but I got frustrated trying to find the ones I wanted. I made this ingenious tray for them. It's actually the top from a plastic tote! Works great!
My favorite time of day is when the sun is low in the sky and shadows are long.
I'm enjoying Gladys Taber's Stillmeadow Calendar. I think her writing is special to me because she, too, is living alone and is making the best of things. Her life was very creative and full. It's inspiring to glean ideas from her books. She has mastered the art of contentment, which is something we all need.
I still have several hours of my evening in which to do some art and read. Tomorrow is a day off and a big day for me. I have an appointment with the USDA lady to see about qualifying for a loan to buy my little farm. I'd love to stay here. I think it's a good spot for a life of contemplation. But wherever the Lord leads me, there I can find contentment. His will be done! :)

Blessings on your week!


  1. Your cloud photos are gorgeous. Some of the clouds look positively ominous while being beautiful. I hope you can get the loan. I plan to stay here in my house. I'm having to hire people to do a lot of the outside work.

    1. Glad you're able to stay in your home! Help is a good idea. :)

  2. You are certainly blessed with where you live. We're in the city and can't see the stars I'd like, and the constant (though low) sounds of traffic can be distracting. Praying you can stay in your beautiful much space to look at. Love the third outdoor photo of the meadow. So wonderful. :)

    1. Yes, I feel very blessed. Thanks for your prayers! :)

  3. I ordered The Big House, too!
    Gladys Taber is so encouraging. I like her, too.
    I hope it all works out there on the farm.
    I wish you peacefulness and rest today on your day off.

    1. It's fun knowing that many of us are sharing the same books! :)

  4. Dear Lisa, I also made the experience, that books can be very good friends, who realy speak to me and go with me through the day (and through the night).

    What amazing cloud-forms!

    I also like this day-time of early evening. exspecillaly now around the longest days. This light is amazing!

    Sometimes we dont feel, that our heart and soul are fulfilled with contentment - you show me, that you are blessed by gratitude - this is one form of contentment and even more...

    Blessings for your date and plans tomorrow!


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