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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Art school...on a budget!

Hey, folks! I just ran across this art course while surfing through YouTube art videos. A nice young man I was watching recommended this course and, I must say, I think it's a pretty good buy. For $30 you get a whole slough (slew?) of videos (5 hours worth) covering all phases of drawing, including colored pencils, pastels, etc. I'm on video 7 and have learned about 1, 2 and 3 point perspective (mind bending!), hatching, cross hatching, stippling (which I already knew about) and am looking forward to learning some stuff I don't know! It's a good basic drawing program that I hope will fill in the blanks in my knowledge so I can draw better. If you're interested it's called The Secrets to Drawing. Doesn't cost anything to listen to the intro video! :)

A couple of photos just so this isn't all text, lol!

I've been scattering sunflower seeds on my deck. I'm seeing a lot of these little blue guys. Yesterday was a rainy, cool day, so many of them were fluffed up.

 When the sun came out later beautiful storm clouds raced across the sky.

Right now I'm watching people buy homes in exotic places via HGTV. I have no desire to be chained to a big mortgage like they are, but it's interesting to peek inside other people's houses, right? :)

This photo taken just now. Twilight. I'm off to bed to a chorus of peepers (frogs) and crickets. Lovely and cool.

Shalom, my friends. :)


  1. I love your big skies! The boys this week decided that when I tell them not to touch anything, it's actually impossible because we are touching the air and the air touches everything and so we are all of us and everything connected at all times. I have to say I always felt like that about the sky. Now I feel like that about blogging too! So we are touching your sky from afar! Am discussing the on-line course with Jo. It is a salutary thought that whereas before I would discount things as beyond my abilities, now I consider them for growing boys!

    1. Your boys are so smart! Yes, we are all touching everything! I'm glad you're interested in the art course. It's really something you can do when you feel like it. No pressure. :)

  2. Your using the word "slough" led to a delightful search on google also in my trusty Gage Canadian Dictionary. It ( Gage) doesn;t list the word 'sluff' as in slough off but google does. Gage does however list slew as in meaning a large number or amount. Don't you just love words? I also love clouds. Have you noticed that a sky with clouds is much lovelier than a plain blue one. Is there a metaphor for life here?

    1. I think I do see something deep in your sky metaphor! :)
      I should Google things more often instead of just wondering what the right word is, lol! I believe I did mean slew. In Pilgrim's Progress there is the slough of despond, which I've always heard pronounced like slew, so I wasn't sure about it.

  3. What a lovely bird near you!

  4. Those billowing clouds are amazing! I agree with you about houses. I LOVE peeking into other people's homes and their home-choicses. But I'm more and more hesitant to strap myself onto something huge. I want a little home, something snug. We won't be able to buy or build anything ... even a chicken house ... for several years, but we're thinking and planning. Probably a good thing to do at our age. :)


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