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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Mama turkey vs. barn kitten

Mama Turkey and chicks came wandering across my meadow as usual this morning. But then Mama came walking into the yard with a purposeful stride and her head cocked sideways, looking at something. It was then that I spied the barn kitten watching them from beside the ramp. (This is going to look like a flip book.)

 See the orange cat between the rails of the ramp?
 The turkeys just kept walking around to the north side of the house.
 You can faintly see the cat between the rails at the end of the ramp.
 Now he's right out among them!
 The turkeys regrouped north of the house...
 ...and then turned around to go back. See the cat under my bumper?
 Action shot! Cat and turkey in mid-air. (That's the best my camera can do, ha, ha!)
 The cat stalks around for a bit...

 ...and then heads back to the shed.
 He's the little orange dot in front of the shed. Mama's still ready for a skirmish! Poor cat. He thought he'd have enough turkey in the freezer to last all winter!
 Here are a few cloud pics I had in my camera.

 My "Autumn Leaves" ATC's are still in production. They still need some ink outlining and maybe some colored pencil to accent the watercolors.

I could sure use some sunshine. I'm very tired and not getting very rested on my weekend off. I'm off to meet dear daughter and grands at church. We'll have lunch somewhere and then she's going grocery shopping. I'm not sure if I'll tag along or just come home. Better get some breakfast! :)

Have a great Sunday and enjoy the coming of fall! Shalom.


  1. You, too! I hope you DO get some sunshine, dear Lisa!
    The turkeys are funny and so is the cute ginger cat!
    Lovely paintings!

  2. I love clouds, and fall leaves, even cats, turkeys not so much. I was chased by a big old gobbler when I was quite small and ever since am leery of any fowl. Even my pigeon scares me when she's in a bad mood ( which seems to be all the time now). Anyone want a bad-tempered pigeon?

  3. Wonderful new wartercolors!

    amazing clouds!

    Happy tukeys!

    The cat reminds me of Puma, Lion and Peterl!

    Puma tried to catch a dove yesterday, thanks goodness I saw him, cried, and the dove could fly from his strong paws!

  4. Oh, I WILL enjoy the coming of fall, if it would ever begin to come!! :) I'm proud of your Turkey Mama -- good for her! We don't want any dead baby turkeys around here. The clouds are impressive and very grand. Rest up, friend :)


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