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Friday, August 8, 2014

Life's Extras...

This little book arrived in the mail today. It looks like a pleasant read. :) In other reading news, I've decided not to continue with Rembrandt. I just don't need to know everything negative about his life, sheesh!
 Well, these aren't the most exciting ATC's ever, but I'm doggedly keeping a photo log of all of them, so I may as well include these. This was the Postage Stamp ATC's swap and each ATC had to include a stamp. These were all from South Africa, so I made the backgrounds with that in mind.
 This is the super dooper burger I made for dinner last night! I had planned to call and order one from a little restaurant in downtown Nevis, where I live, (pop. 300) but instead I went to the little grocery and bought hamburger and fixin's and made it myself. It was huge! I expected the patty to shrink down to nothing...but it didn't. I could hardly get my mouth around it. I was so hungry for a burger. I mostly eat chicken or fish, so this was a treat.
 I also had squash from my garden and tea, of course.
 Can you see the water hydrant in the middle of the picture? In the weeds? Ha, ha. I noticed that the little water dishes sitting next to it were empty even though I filled them yesterday. I wondered how four cats could drink that much water, but then it dawned on me that it was probably deer! So I placed a green 5 gallon bucket next to the water bowls and filled it for the deer. There's a lake right down the hill from me, but I like to encourage the deer to hang around. I have a regular doe and buck who come every morning and evening, and this morning there was a doe with two older fawns!
 And now I'm snacking on hummus and iced tea, of course, again. (I drink a lot of tea in the summer!)
Oh, and a warning for all of you moms and grandmas out there. My little grand girl, Hazel, had a scare at the lake yesterday. She and Audrey had on their lifejackets and were playing in fairly shallow water with Mom standing nearby.  Hazel tipped over somehow and the life jacket seemed to force her to float on her belly, but also kept her from being able to lift her face out of the water! Mama Micah grabbed her quickly and she coughed and spluttered a bit, but she's fine. But I think she's a little leery of water now. So, life jackets don't always behave as we think they're going to. Keep those little ones safe out there, okay?

Well, that's all for now. Everyone have a swell weekend!



  1. You have your own visiting deer? How lucky can you get? I have a rabbit that hangs around my back yard, that's it for wildlife. Mind you, we live smack dab in the middle of town ( or are we a city by now?)
    Good thing to point out to parents and grands about the life jacket. So glad the mom was close by and watchful.

  2. Lisa, your ATCs are great. I want to send you your ATCs that you won in the giveaway but I haven't received your address. I have mailed both my email addresses to you. Please check to see if you have received either of them. Look at the comments on your previous post(s).

  3. A fine Burger! It makes me hungry!!

    Thanks goodness, your little grand-girl Hazel is well! Maybe - I hope - she will not be afraid of water in future. Smetimes children can find a ggod way to through shocks away.

    Example. Once a little boy, 2 years old, made some strange hugs with our big dog Timmi. He put his fingers into his eyes and nose, and nobody of the adults did realize this in fact. So Timmi suddenly snapped with his teeth into the boy's face, and he had two small wounds. His mother went with him to hospital.

    Two or three yeatrs later the little boy visited Timmi once more, and he was not at all afraid. He just said: " I had made a mistake with Timmi!"

    This is great, isn't it??

  4. I think your ATC's are just a wonderful and fun project. All that fun almost makes me want to start doing some art just so I could do it on ATC's. I'll put that on my list, after the fifty other things I want to do first. When I have time. :-)

  5. That's good to know about life jackets, esp. with little ones who aren't strong enough to turn themselves. You can't really depend on them to watch your child.

    So happy for your deer! That's fun! And your burger looks amazing. We don't eat meat as often as we used to - probably on 2 or 3 times a week, so sometimes I get a craving for a great burger, or a tender steak. Yum. And you know, in a burger like that, you're getting your whole meal -- grains, veggies, meat. Good job :)


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