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Friday, August 22, 2014

The Big House...

I'm still reading The Big House, but I was snooping around Google trying to find actual pictures. I thought for sure this was it, but found out this is a house down the road from it. But still you might find it fascinating to look at the pictures of this house because I see so much inside of it that looks like what I imagined from the book. Just click the picture to go to the site where they have lots of photos of the inside. (If I did it right!)
This is a picture of the actual Big House after renovations have been done.
Don't click on this photo unless you want to know how the story ended. :)
It doesn't look as sprawling as I imagined it, but if you look at the left side and how tall it is I can still see how there would be lots of floors, attics and mysterious passages. Hope this isn't a spoiler to those reading the book. I just wanted to know more!


  1. Thank you! It's fun to see it! I liked the book (I was sad about some of the family conflict) and I wanted to see exactly what the house looked like. I love cabins and beach homes in general.

  2. That is SO funny -- the 2nd time I read Colt's book, I did the same thing. Spent buckets of time on Google maps, zooming in, trying to find a house that would have the same roof line. Eventually I did find it on google maps, and then found a few pics of the outside. But I've never seen the INSIDE (I think?) ... so I'm gonna go enjoy!! Thanks!

  3. Ah - I misunderstood. I thought you had linked to photos of the inside of Colt's house. But I still enjoyed the other house very much too.

  4. I did the same thing :-) and I forget most of what I found, because it wasn't exactly what I wanted...
    Thank you, Lisa, for helping us all out here!


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