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Thursday, August 21, 2014

More turkey fun!

I am so blessed to have been adopted by this turkey family! :)

As I was sitting in my favorite chair, watching my Secrets to Drawing videos, I glanced out the window and here was my little turkey family, back again! My meadow must contain many delectable things. Mama Turkey actually ventured into my yard for a moment, then got nervous and walked in her stately fashion back into the long weeds. (I think she could hear the guy narrating my video.)

 I tried to capture all of her "chicks", but it seems a couple were always in the high grass. There are 8-10 of them and they're about 3/4 of the mother's size. She's raised quite a nice brood.

 I'm having so much fun watching them. I hope and pray they are safe from the traffic on the county road that runs next to my property. The lake is on the other side. I hope they keep coming around all winter. Maybe I can spread a little grain?
 Even at their relaxed pace they cover a lot of ground. If you look right at the center of this photo you can see a few dark specks close to the edge of the woods. They have a nice place to live here. Lots of woods and grassy pasture full of seed heads. The mother was so watchful, hardly eating at all while the kiddos were busily gobbling up insects, seeds, etc.

That's what I'm up to right now on a great day off. It's overcast, which is nice because it's staying cool. All of my windows are open allowing the breeze to drift through. I'm beginning to feel a little eleven o'clock-ish (though it's actually 1:00!) so I think I'll have lunch! (I slept in until 9 this morning!! I think I was a little under the weather as well as tired from work, so it was a good thing.)

Turkey update...they came back and they're getting bolder!

See, I told you they were real! Aw, it's fun having pets. Especially wild ones with no upkeep! :)

Have a great day filled with the shalom of the Lord. :)


  1. Turkeys! Lovely! I am so glad to hear that you slept in! It isn't easy to do, I know!

  2. Your body was telling you it needed REST :) Glad you had the day off to do just that. Your turkeys are lovely -- they have an ideal habitat with everything they need and plenty of it. I hope they stay and are safe in their home. In a few years you could have quite a population!

  3. What interesting birds your wild turkeys are. We've been lucky enough to spot some in the wild too but not often. I hope yours stay around.


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