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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

What? Four days since I last posted?!?

Well, maybe it's because I haven't done anything spectacular? No, wait, that would apply most days! :)
Feeling a little sad about Robin Williams. He seemed to be a nice man. I just re-watched "Dead Poets Society" which made me more sad! I should have done like daughter Micah and her family. They're going to have a Robin William film festival, but they're watching the funny movies. She mentioned Jumanji and I suggested RV.
It's a beautiful day off and I've been taking it easy as I try to do every day off. It doesn't do a whole lot of good, so I may break down and make an appointment with a nearby chiropractor who seems to be very knowledgeable about many things. I need to find out what all the fatigue, sore muscles and joints is all about. My insane job would probably do this to anybody, but maybe there's more to it. I just hate to give up time off to go!
Meanwhile, my current ATC swap is entitled "Bizarre ATC's" and is hosted by Noodlerabbit88 (Katie) who lives in London. The idea is to choose objects from three different lists and then mix them together to come up with a picture. Very fun idea! I chose pirate, igloo, coffee cup, flag and moon for this one.
 Then I chose giraffe, owl, giant tree, mushroom, fashion accessory and forest for my number two card.
 I got the idea for my forest from this sketch I made years back. It's something I copied from "Each Peach Pear Plum" by Janet Ahlberg. When I saw the word "forest" on the list this leapt to mind!
 Do you see the dark spots in the middle of this picture? (A very bad shot indeed.) That is a mother turkey and 8 or 9 baby turkeys. They just marched across my meadow and it was fun to watch them. The mother is probably 3 feet tall when she stretches her neck to its full extent. The young teenage turkeys were flapping around, jousting with each other. In other words, playing!
Micah came over with Audrey and Hazel yesterday after work and they played in the yard. Then we came inside and the girls did some painting and played with toys a bit, but they had to leave fairly quickly. On Friday evening I'll babysit them while Mom and Dad have a date. Then they can really  play with whatever they like, pound on the piano and paint up a storm. Looking forward to that, followed weekend off!! :D

I'm off to do some more reading and maybe some eating.  That sounds like a good idea!

Blessings and shalom to all.


  1. Hi, Lisa, I see a very interesting photo with the turkeys and I love the drawing with the giraffe, owl, giant tree, mushroom!

  2. I love your ATCs too. My fav is the pirate one but that may be because we're really into pirates around here as the little man keeps getting books about pirates for us to read to him. Once that boy learns to read he'll have his nose in a book just like his sister. ( Who, when told to go outside for a change and get some fresh air picks up her book and goes to read in the shade.
    I am also sad hearing about Robin Williams. I think I liked best the movie where he pretends to be a nanny. Can't for the likes of me think of the title just now.

  3. I like all those ATCs -- it's fun to see the odd juxtapositions! The pirate is funny with his steaming coffee next to the icy igloo :)

    Do get to the doctor or chiro, and get to the bottom of your fatigue and joint pain. It's important. Sometimes the most common symptoms can underlie a serious condition that needs attention ... and waiting can make it much worse. You'll feel better.


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