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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Two little monkeys jumping on the bed!

I had loads of fun with Audrey and Hazel last night. Mom and Dad went out to eat, which they don't get a chance to do very often. Meanwhile, the girls got to play with Grandma's toys, which makes them seem "new"! (Wish I had taken more pictures, but they kind of stop playing when they know they're being recorded for posterity!)

One of the first activities was jumping on Grandma's bed. If my bed was up on a frame, I probably wouldn't let them do this. But it's close to the ground. I sat by the window most of the time so nobody would bump their noggin on the window sill. (Safety conscious at all times.)

Hazel was fascinated by all the embroidered birds on my quilt. She kept asking what kind they were. A few of them are obvious, others the embroiderer (not me) took some liberty with thread color, and so they are open to interpretation.
The girls were also interested in the sports "buttons" I have displayed on my bookshelves. Most of them are pictures of their mom from when she was in sports. They kept asking for more of them.

I usually keep the door to this room closed when they visit because there's so much to get into on the bookshelves, but I thought it was about time to let them explore.
They had a hard time believing that this was their mommy, and their Uncle Josh and Jordan!
 And that this was Grandma and her little brother!
Later some painting and splashing about was enjoyed.
Do you see how Audrey is painting with an old toothbrush? After a while I noticed her fiddling with it and then she asked, "How do you turn it on?" Ha, ha! Silly low-tech toothbrush!
The evening went off without a hitch. As I was visiting with their mom and dad later there was a "thunk" and a scream. After an injury-free evening, Hazel had bumped her mouth on the edge of the coffee table and was bleeding all over. Well, upon closer inspection, the injury seemed to be fairly superficial. After some time in Mama's lap she was ready to play again. Kiddos. They are very resilient!
Here is my latest ATC for the "Build Your Own Bizarre ATC" swap.
I'm looking forward to a fantastic and restful weekend off. In fact, I'm about ready for a nap now! (It's 9 a.m., but I've been up since 6, and probably should have slept longer. But, at my age, I don't really have much control over sleep. Know what I mean?)
This just in...mail call!
Faye, over at Faye's Adventures in Art , sent me an envelope full of ATC's! It was one of her recent giveaways. Isn't it just like Christmas to get this stuff in the mail!
Four pages full of miniature art from around the world!!!
 Faye's butterfly card is beautiful!
 These are my other two favorites!

Fun, fun, fun! Thanks so much, Faye! :)
You all have a great weekend!


  1. Poor little Hazel. I'm glad she didn;t do too much damage ( like break a tooth). Love the ATC, you have such an imagination ( and talent too). Hope you have a nice restful day!!

  2. Two wonderful little girls in the sunlight and in the sunlight coming from the heart of their Grandma!

  3. Pretty face at the header - refreshing and soft colors!

  4. Aw! You're a nice granny to let those cherubs jump on your bed!
    It sounds like you are having a lot of fun with them!
    ATC's = FUN! Your work is always exciting!
    Have a happy Sunday, friend.

  5. It's now Sunday afternoon, and I hope you've had a fabulous, restful, calm weekend. Your grandgirls are adorable, and how nice of you to allow them enjoy themselves, jump and explore, learn more about their family. You're a good granny :)

  6. I have one boy in particular who would find this quite the MOST perfect way to spend a day. Bouncing on a bed followed by art, oh my goodness. Why doesn't he have a mother who organises days like these?!

  7. Grandkids are so much fun. I miss having children in my life. So I offer my art skills in the children's division of our Sunday school. After the lesson with a regular teacher they are dismissed to various stations. I do the art station as often as they will let me. Such fun having little ones near by. And I love your new header. I'm glad the ATCs got there ok. Feel free to write any of the artists you think might be interested in a swap with you.


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