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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Five year plan?

Oh, man, my head is spinning at the possibilities!
Thoughts of moving are keeping me jotting notes and brainstorming options.
I've been busy visiting a popular real estate site. I found several 100 year old homes that looked affordable. Then the thinking kicked in. $9-11,000 down payment? Upkeep! (A lot can go wrong with an old house.)
What are my other options? My kids are looking into a USDA loan to buy a larger home across the road from their little farm. They would keep the farm and just walk across the road to do chores. They said I could buy their trailer and live right there. Great idea, but I'm not sure if I could even get a loan and they're going to live there until their loan goes through. I don't know. It's a bit of a headache to figure that out.
Now, I'm turning back to a mixture of something old and something new. (Old idea; new idea.) Maybe it would work to live in an apartment in Nevis (going to check them out) and then when my widows benefits kick in in fall of 2016 I will save up to build a very small house on my children's property. I'm sure Adam would be willing to build it. This is what I have in mind. I even like the paint job!

These cute little cabins are at the Green Valley Resort just a few miles down the road. I really just wanted to put this on my blog so I would have a record of my idea. I've lived a pretty rustic life for the past 34 years or so. I would even be game for no plumbing! (Chemical toilet;  water storage tank inside.) I won't be going without electricity, though. Are you crazy?

So there's one plan. My favorite one, actually. The apartments in Nevis might be for seniors, but they didn't stipulate that last time they placed an ad, so I'm going to check out the possibility. Do some research. (At 58 I may qualify as a senior anyway!) I can still stay in this house for a while, but it's time to start making plans! :)

I'll be babysitting the girls a little later so Micah can go in for her doctor visit. She went yesterday, too, thinking something was going on. Looks like this little girl might get fully baked yet! Prayers for a safe and uneventful delivery are always appreciated.

Let me know what you think of my plan, Papa Glenn. ;) (And anyone else who wants to venture an opinion.)

Shalom! And I hope you're all having warm sunny weather like we are! Relatively speaking, of course.


  1. I like your little cabin idea! Prayers for the delivery!

    1. I knew you would, Pom! :) Thanks for the prayers.

  2. Tiny houses are getting more popular. I have browsed a site that specializes in such and you can see floor plans etc.. Everything is so compact. I can't remember the site. Tiny Homes, perhaps? Hope that little one makes her debut soon!

  3. Love, love, love the tiny houses. I'd do it! Would have to have plumbing, though. But you know what you want. :) Praying for you, sweets. Big changes---big prayers. May it all fall into place smooooothly.

  4. Dear Lisa, pray to God to show you the right way... I pray for you! Listen to the will of the Lord!

    Loving greetings from the forest of Bavaria from Dori, sister in art and in Christ!

    1. Thanks for your prayers and encouragement, Dori!

  5. Adam and I are also beginning to think about housing plans. We want to downsize. We've had big houses (over 2400sq ft) but want something small, one bath, 2 bdr maybe. A cottage. Some land for his bees and my chickens. Your cottage idea looks grand. I think banks generally do not give loans for trailers or mobile homes. You might be able to get a conventional (non-mortgage) loan though. Being nearer family is good as we age. That's one thing we'll have to forego. All our family lives far away from us, over here on the extreme coast! Keep us posted.


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