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Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Made up a new word! (Rhymes with Felicity?) It is hectic nowadays. It seems like half of my coworkers in the deli are either quitting, going on vacation or in one gal's case, taking six weeks off to go to Europe for school! That leaves a small number of us running hither and thither trying to keep up. If Micah decides to give birth, (which she will in the next week or two) I'll be gone, too! It's beyond crazy.

After the dust settles from Micah giving birth, I'm putting my house on the market. We're just going to see if anyone shows interest. I won't sell unless I can get the price I need to have a little nest egg to take with me. Otherwise, I'll just sit tight, which would be A-Okay with me! Right now I'm cleaning like crazy. I have a few weeks to get the house ready, but I've made it harder on myself by being a neglectful housekeeper. (Drawing, painting and reading always take priority!)

Right now I'm going to take a much needed break and catch up on Downton Abbey. Was this last Sunday the season finale? I'm thinking it was.

We finally had snow this morning! I drove 40 mph to work with a string of cars a half-mile long behind me, but they weren't pushing me to go faster. They just wanted me to break the trail for them!

And just so I'll have a picture in this post...

Stay warm!


  1. hang in there ... sounds like the next few weeks are very hectic for you!! was Downton Abbey good!! now we have to wait another whole year for more episodes!!

  2. Big changes may be on the horizon!! Exciting... or scary? Maybe a little of both.

  3. "Drawing, painting and reading always take priority": This is beautiful, that you say this! Inspiring not to forget our authentic way - sometimes household takes VERY much space, but an artist and meditative person should not be toooo buzy with household -:)

    Your house is a place and symbol of peace - everything you do there is so wonderful! Hectic has no power near you!

    Lovely painting with the dwarfs in the snow. It remembers me of an old painting in my childhood-room, I always looked at ...

    1. Your words are always inspiring, Dori! I'm very glad that the painting brought back some good memories! :)

  4. How nice that it isn't absolutely necessary to sell, and that you can see the benefits of staying or going. May God's will be done, and may you thrive. Amen.

    1. Thank you, Gretchen! I'm praying that if it is possible the house will stay in the family. It would only happen with God's intervention, but some of my kids could use it as well as me. :)

  5. It's SO true that everybody wants someone else up front to break that first snow on the road. Stay safe. I'm excited about your house-selling possibilities! May God work it all out just as He knows is best for YOU :) He knows the plan. Be warm up there. Spring is around the corner.


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