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Thursday, March 5, 2015

My son's new website!

Proud mama here! My son, Josh, has launched a new website called The Usual Mystics Supernatural Spirituality for Every Christian. He's a pretty mainline type of Christian, so don't let the name throw you. He's trying to attract some readers who might not read something which sounds too stodgy, I think. ;)

His first post is entitled "Grace" and he gave me a fresh perspective on that subject. I hope you'll read at least his maiden post. Thanks!

It's a day off for me. I'm about to check with Josh to see that he and his family are in a safe place since Kentucky is being clobbered with more snow!

I'm going to do some cleaning and be on call. Micah is due any time now!!

Y'all have a great day full of God's shalom! :)


  1. I bet you're SO proud of your good son! It's so exciting about the baby coming soon! Stay rested, Grandma!

  2. I just visited your son's website and have bookmarked it so it will be easy to go there often to read his wise words. I think there are some of us out here just waiting anxiously for the new grandbaby's arrival!!

  3. You too- have a great weekend x

  4. Congratulations for such a wonderful son. Excellent website!

  5. Woohoo! New baby on the way! So exciting!


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