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Monday, March 16, 2015

The Sketchbook Project...

(This is not a paid advertisement, hahahaha...)

I heard about The Sketchbook Project years ago and thought it sounded like a fun idea. I just came across it again by following some links on Pinterest. As I watched the video below, I thought, how cool this is! You fill up a sketchbook, you send it in, and they take it on the road for thousands of people to look at. I was amazed to see that they actually hand the sketchbooks out for people to handle and look at, spill their coffee on, etc. I like this aspect of the project!

The Sketchbook Project Mobile Library from Art House Co-op on Vimeo.

I'm cogitating on the possibility of joining up. I think I would get mine digitized, which is more expensive, but you can go and look at it online rather than just sending it off and never seeing your art again. Cool idea! Anyone else find this interesting?

I finally (after about 2 years of having it lying around) filled this photo frame with some pictures and put in on the wall. I decided not to be perfectionistic about it. I chose some photos which brought back good memories of my children and family growing up and slapped them in there. It brings a smile to my face when I look at these and that's the whole point, right?

I spent yesterday and overnight babysitting. Adam took Micah to the hospital because she was getting sick from not being able to keep food and water down for a couple of weeks. She said she didn't want to keep going in "for nothing", but Adam and I told her this wasn't nothing! They kept her overnight and pumped her full of fluids and then sent her home today. The little gals didn't get to sleep until about 11 p.m. and were up and at it again at 5:30 a.m. So, I came home and took a nap! The wait continues!

I just took this shaky, out of focus picture, hoping to capture the first star of the evening. You can just see it!
Earlier I just had to snap a photo of these beautiful clouds.
I had a short phone visit with my brother, Mark, and visited with son Josh via Facebook. I do appreciate technology insofar as it helps me keep in touch with family! :)
Blessings and shalom to all!


  1. I don't think I've ever FILLED a sketchbook but what a cool goal, Lisa! Poor Micah! Praying!
    You do NEED a nap! Good granny!

  2. I did the Sketchbook Project a couple years ago. Wait, I meant to say, I tried to do the SP. I didn't get my book filled on time and missed the deadline :( Can't wait to see your book and how you fill it!

    1. Oh, man! If my prolific alarmcat buddy can't fill a sketchbook in a year I may have bitten off more than I can chew!! Oh well. The deed is done. I'll have to do my best. BIG drawings that take up two pages should help! :)

  3. I like the photo of the lone star in the black sky. Out here the sky never seems to get that dark because of light pollution. When camping we get to see the truly black skies with all the beautiful stars. And, of course I love cloud pictures.

  4. I like the Sketchbook Project idea. Reminds me of the sketchbook I have here. It has been filled up by my grandkids who love to come here to paint and color and marker. I love paging through it. I just put a new sketchbook on my grocery list so they can start filling up another one!

    Hoping all is well with your granddaughter.

    Love the photos! That sky!

  5. Those clouds look rather like mountains of some kind -- cool! So sorry your girl is going so long and feeling so crummy :( It's hard at the end of a pregnancy. I'll have to look at that project -- sounds fascinating, a very "community sharing" kind of thing, which is good. But I'm not a devoted enough artist to do a whole sketchbook! You should though.


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