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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Tying up some loose ends from last post...

Well, it seems that Micah just had a stomach bug, because now Adam has it...and he ain't pregnant! ;) She's feeling much better.

A couple of you mentioned that filling an entire sketchbook for the Sketchbook Project might be a little hard to do. Don't make me nervous! ;) I'm planning to do large two page spreads. I can't guarantee anything, but it sounded like fun. I got an email today saying my sketchbook has been mailed! Now I'm committed! I don't quite understand the theme thing. Apparently, they supply a list of themes to pick from? That won't be available until April 1 or so. I may just start and hope one of the themes matches up with what I'm doing. :) It will probably be animals of different sorts.

Well, it's fuzzy, but this is tonight's sunset with a couple of my friendly neighborhood deer grazing in the back meadow. I'm looking forward to things greening up! We had a little sprinkling of snow when I awoke this morning, but it melted quickly.

I'm really tired this evening. It was a day off so I can only account for that by saying I must have used up a lot of brain energy! Micah, son Josh and I are all planning a change in housing situations, so we've been doing a lot of brainstorming, trying to help each other figure out how to go about this. None of us has much experience. So many changes in the not-too-distant future! Praying for clarity and wisdom.

Y'all have a good evening and God bless you all!

Shalom on your household.


  1. One of these days those brainstorms will result in a do-able plan! Your sketchbook project could be a lot of fun! Happy Spring to you.

  2. The sketchbook project sounds wonderful, Lisa. Hope you get the moving plans finalized soon. I know it is a serious thing to consider.

  3. Dear Lisa! I love the photo with the stags as your evening-neighbours!

    "Where is the place, where my beloved is? Why has he left me sighing here? He ran away like a stag - and he left me wounded, I ran after him and could not catch him..."
    (first verse of the Canticle from St.John of the Cross)

    Here you see some friends of the stag, this is amazing! The stag for St.John Cross (Spain, about 1550) in his famous mystic poem "Spiritual Canticle" about the soul, who is searching for God, is a symbol for the Lover Jesus....

  4. Ah, Lisa. Changes -- even just the contemplation of them -- is a bit hard, isn't it? I love it when life is just cruising along, no bumps in the road. Well, no big bumps. And then all of a sudden, decisions have to be made, changes anticipated, plans adjusted. Even if it's all GOOD stuff, there's still stress associated with it, and I can't wait until everything settles down again into comforting BORING :) The photos is lovely, calm.


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