Pen and Ink...and maybe some paint

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Back in business...

Meet my new blogging buddy...
A fairly cheap camera, but it'll do the job. ;) It works pretty much like my old camera, which is the most important thing to this old dog who doesn't like to learn new tricks!

Here are those new paints I've been playing with. They are much more vivid than my old paints, which are Windsor and Newton student grade.

A picture I took of the toy box just to try out the camera. :)

The photos take longer to upload for some reason. Oh well. I'm not complainin'!

I'm off to do some other stuff before the evening disappears, as it has a tendency to do. I got some copies made of some old photos so I can continue on my photo album project for the kids. The camera came with coupons for 100 free photo prints! That will help me along!

It's a lovely day. Hope yours is as well. Shalom, all!


  1. Hooray for a new blogging buddy. The pics look good from here!

  2. What a snazzy looking new camera. Just an idea here. When I got this camera, last Mother's Day, I also found my pics very slow in loading then my son told me it was something to do with pixels ( I totally don't know what I'm talking about here ) But he changed something on my camera so that the photos loaded fast again. Okay. Just asked him what it was he did and he said he turned the resolution down. Hope this helps.

  3. love your new camera!! i'm like you...i have trouble learning new tricks :)
    every time i buy a new gadget, i make myself learn one new thing a day that it can do. slowly, slowly, i figure out how to work it.

    can't wait to see more pics!

  4. I gradually switched over from using my camera to using my phone for taking pictures, and I found it was so much easier to upload photos to my blog posts from my phone. I miss my camera a little. Glad you're back in the picture business again!


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