Pen and Ink...and maybe some paint

Friday, August 21, 2015


This little weaving almost taxed my patience! Ha ha! My fingers felt so huge and fumbly trying to work on this. But I persevered...

 I added tassles to the bottom, which I should have done FIRST.
 I trimmed the tassles and added a willow twig for a hanger. (Hope that will make it through the mail!)
 Ta-dah! Almost finished. Just have to attach it to the card! I might paint the card. Not sure.
Couldn't resist a little Adele cuteness. She is a sweet little person. Micah's in search of a jumperoo because this little gal wants to be upright and bouncing!
I'm off to work soon. You all have a good day.


  1. Your weaving is beautiful. Such happy colors.... And Adele. Is there a sweeter looking baby?

  2. Your weave turned out very nice! I love the colors. Thanks for sharing a baby made my day!! What a sweetheart :)

  3. Your weaving looks great and well worth the effort I hope. Adele is such a sweetie. Feel free to include photos of her any time.

  4. I like your weaving VERY much! Bright and beautiful. What a chubby, sweet li'l Adele.

  5. Hi, Lisa!! I've been out of pocket for a while, but wanted to drop in and say hello. Your weaving is very nice. You should do more :) Isn't Adele growing? She's cute!!

  6. weaving is pretty, I have never tried anything like this, would make lovely wrist cuff. Beautiful baby photo! Betty

  7. I love your weaving! But you saved the best for the end....a sweet baby face.


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