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Monday, August 17, 2015

Tiny weaving...

My latest ATC challenge is the Weaving swap. The idea is to make a tiny weaving that will then be attached to an ATC. I don't think many of the ladies have done much weaving. I know I haven't, other than maybe a potholder or two in earlier years. So, we're all coming up with our own ideas as far as making a tiny loom to do the weaving on. I thought it would work to use a Styrofoam block, stick some pins in it and wind my warp threads around them. Wellllll... It's sort of working, but next time I think a block of wood and some nails might work better.
 I would also use something softer for the warp thread. The hemp I'm using wants to do its own thing. I'm also a little concerned about the upper left and lower right ends of the warp thread where I just tied it around the needle. How will I finish these? I kind of need a loop there. Well, I hope to figure that out when I get there!
 I bought these little trinkets to attach to the weaving.
 The infamous hemp...
 Friendship bracelet thread. It was a nice assortment of bright colors.
 This is how I started out. I don't really appreciate the way the Styrofoam block likes to shower me with shiny little Styrofoam snowflakes. I might encase it in a Ziploc bag next time and stick the pins through the plastic.
This is the most labor intensive ATC swap yet! My next weaving may involve fatter yarn to speed things up!

Well, that's one of the little things I'm up to. Hope you're all exercising your creativity. Have a good evening and a great week!



  1. A tiny weaving attached to an ATC... that is such a cute idea. But I can see that it is a lot of work. I hope you'll show the finished card with the trinkets attached! I'm afraid I haven't been doing much that could be called creative. Too hot these days

  2. I've never done any sort of weaving. I like what you have so far!! Can't wait to see the finished project.

  3. Your colors make me happy, and really, the weaving looks pretty wonderful even as as you work on it. Artsy in progress. :)

  4. Very clever, Lisa! I like it! Way to go! I love the friendship bracelet colors. I need a friendship bracelet. Hint. Hint.

    1. You mean I have to actually read the instructions that came with the thread?!? ;)

  5. What a wonderful hand-work! An original piece full of free play and dreaming meditation! Also a good idea to work with children..


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