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Monday, August 3, 2015

Pickles and honey...

I awoke in the middle of the night (Saturday night) with a sore throat. NO!! Well, thinking upon the subject of sore throats (Micah and family were sick last week, so...) I remembered a little hint my mom had given me in one of those famous emails she saved for me. She said that she always eats a pickle when she feels a sore throat coming on. Her sister (my aunt) gargles with vinegar and water, but Mom always chokes when she tries to gargle. So, up I got out of my little bed and to the fridge to eat two pickle planks. Upon returning to bed my stomach was having a gurgling fit, but I ignored that and went back to sleep. My throat does feel better this morning, and I took a little honey as well. :) Thanks, Mom!

Just for the sake of having some pictures in this is my latest Sketchbook Project painting. I'm afraid I'm not looking forward to creating these paintings like I did at first. I think it's because the cheap, sketchbook paper doesn't take watercolor well. The paint just soaks in and disappears. But, I will soldier on. Colored pencil would be too time consuming, so I'll probably stick with paint. But you never know! I'm going to find some interesting hand-lettering examples to use for captions. When I get around to it.
Micah and the girls dropped by the grocery store today and visited with me for a few minutes. The two older girls had just been to gymnastics and were enjoying smoothies from Caribou as they rode along in the little grocery cart "car". They were all smiles. This was Hazel's first gymnastics class, and Micah said she spent a lot of time on the floor having a fit. LOL. Audrey, on the other hand, is all concentration and grace as she practices. She loves it! I'm not sure what the future holds for Hazel's gymnastics career. ;)

This is a photo I took as a model for another page of my sketchbook. The monarch is our state butterfly. I didn't know that until a couple of weeks ago. :)
Oh man, almost bed time. My evenings slip by so quickly! The weather was beautiful today. It's cooling off a bit. Is autumn creeping up on us? Thanks for dropping by, whomever is reading this!

Shalom! :)


  1. Good to know about the pickle cure!
    Your sketchbook page is grrrrrrrrrreat!

  2. Never heard that about pickles. You just never, hope you're feeling even better today. :)

  3. I hope Autumn is trying to creep up on us, but I don't think it will succeed with me -- I'm watching for it every minute :) Your art looks great in spite of the pitiful paper.
    I guess it's the vinegar that helps the throat. Vinegar kills bacteria, so perhaps it attacks the germs causing the soreness. Vinegar is also a good thing to take for your gut, if you have acid reflux. The addition of more acid actually helps the gut conquer the gasses that erupt and allow stomach juices to travel upward and burn the throat. If you can handle it, it's really healthy for you.

    1. Thankfully, I don't have acid reflux, but it's good to know more about vinegar! ;)

  4. I'm a great proponent of gargling with salt water. It works for me ( most of the time). The Monarch Butterfly is so pretty. Too bad we don't have it in this area. We do have the Painted Lady and Red Admiral, both as lovely but not nearly as big as the Monarch. I hope Autumn isn't sneaking up on us but I did see purple Asters blooming on the side of the road and they are known as fall flowers.

  5. I hope your sore throat is completely gone by now, so you can enjoy the weekend. <3

  6. Good idea to eat a pickle, when sore throat wants to come!

    I agree with the other comments: Your drawing with watercolour is so fine and artificial! The Old also often had poor material and made wonderful work - - -

    Lovely butterfly-photo!

    Blessings and greetings to you and your coloured family!

  7. Hallo, dear Lisa, I meant "artistic" / "artful", not "artificial" .... - my English is not too good... :)

    Blessings and greetings!


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