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Friday, August 28, 2015

Beginning my free weekend...YIPPEE!

I tend to construct my blog posts around whatever photos I happen to have in my camera. Today the pickings are slim! I've finished a couple of ATC's for the Fiber and Fabric Landscape swap. I've quite enjoyed making these. I've named them...
"A River Runs Through It" and...

"Plowed Field"
My collage skills are limited, but I had a bag full of old quilt scraps and I had fun making pictures out of them. I have two more ATC's that need some finishing touches before I reveal them to "the world".

I'm planning a road trip tomorrow. I need new work shoes and pants and my little town doesn't have much to choose from, so I'm heading north to Bemidji, which is about a 35 mile drive. Hopefully it will be a relaxing outing.

The next ATC swap I will do is called "Equine Lovers Unite!" I do like to draw horses, and they can be real or imaginary. I think I'm going to do all carousel horses. Won't this be fun to draw and color?
 Daughter Micah posted this photo of Hazel on Facebook today with the explanation, "She claims it's from a 'big crocodile.'" Hazel has such an imagination. But maybe we'd better check under the bed...
(Her Uncle Jordan responded, "That is a small to medium Midwestern Pond Croc at best. She's being melodramatic!") Ha, ha. Love my kids and grands.

Oh, almost forgot. Just for the record, this is the group of ATC cards I sent in for the Weaving swap. Not very exciting, but I finished it anyway!

Son Jordan (right) with friends at his church's youth camp. He was one of the in-charge adults and supervised a cabin full of 9th grade boys. He also supervised the music and worship. Zany bunch. They have a lot of fun while doing the serious business of ministry.
And here he is again with friend, Rachel, at church. She's the youth pastor.
This is my step-son Trevor and my granddaughters, Katy and Chloe. They live in the Baltimore area and this was the first day of school. They look excited. Trev is a very fun and humorous person, though he looks pretty serious here. :)
Grandson Cody. Beginning his last year of middle school.
My daughter-in-law, Rhonda, with Katy and Chloe. Rhonda is such a super wife and mom. Bob and I have always been so glad she chose Trev.
And last, but not least, Kristen. Ready for middle school.  (She's the one I bought the "Mustangs: Wild Spirit of the West" book for on her birthday. She's a real horse lady.)
Sorry for all the photos, but gotta keep Grandpa Glenn updated on the family! :)
Well, it's almost 11 p.m. That's too late to stay up! (For me, anyway.) I'll sign off for now. I've enjoyed visiting blogs tonight. Hope you all have a fun/restful weekend.

Shalom! :)


  1. What a lovely bunch of children and grandchildren. I'm tired too tonight and can hardly see straight so it's off to bed for me . Hopefully we both get a nice restful sleep.

  2. You do such nice work on your ATCs!
    Isn't it a great mood lifter having time off? Yay!
    Have fun shopping.

  3. Those are great family photos, Lisa, and it's fun to see faces to go with all your lovely peeps :) Crocodiles, indeed!! haha :) Your weaving ATCs are quite nice, I think. Good job.


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