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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Hail anyone?

A major thunderstorm just blew through our town. I was taking an after work nap on the couch when I was rudely awakened by thunder. The sky looked threatening, so I turned on the Weather Channel. They said there was a severe thunderstorm warning for our area including a threat of high winds and hail. I watched for a while and as the wind and rain increased I decided to go sit in my walk-in closet. (They said to go to an inner room!) From there I can see out the bathroom window, which is on the southeast corner of the house. The storm was traveling to the southeast. The wind was lashing the trees around, and then the hail started. This was Ping-Pong to golf ball size hail. (Well, and some smaller stuff, too.)  The first two pics are at my house...

 This is my son-in-law's hand. He and his family danced through the lightning to get in their car and run over to Grandpa Doug's house. He has a basement. They don't enjoy sitting in their single-wide trailer house during this type of thing. They got to Grandpa's about a minute before the hail started. According to daughter Micah, Adam stood outside, under the covered porch and watched. Men! :)
 I see a few dimples on my car, but no actual damage to the paint. And then some glorious skies!
Now that the excitement's over it's supper time! Thanks to the Lord for protection through all of this. Now I know the meaning of the words "prayer closet", cuz I was doing just that in mine!

Shalom to all!


  1. I really dislike hail. It can cause SO much destruction. I'm glad you didn't have much damage. In the town nearby where we shop, they had nasty hail go through this weekend -- some of it baseball sized. Lots of damage here and there. It's funny that some homes and businesses really got hit and some did not.

    Glad you were safe in your "prayer closet."

  2. Well, that was some storm! I'm glad you're okay.

  3. What thrilling hail-pieces! Great photos, good caught by Lisa, the awake artist and finder! Hope, everything is best!

  4. I'm glad you're okay. Those storms are pretty scary. Sorry about the hail - it can be so damaging!


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