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Sunday, May 27, 2012

29 Faces and Sunday Sketches...

Once again it's a workday, but I thought I'd sneak in a post for Sunday Sketches and the 29 Faces Challenge.

I did this quick pen and ink sketch (Face #27) in my "new" pen and ink journal...

And this is the outside cover of my "new" pen and ink journal...

I know, I know, who would draw pictures in a 1918 copy of a Grace Livingston Hill novel? I have about four of them which I purchased through eBay, I think, because a lot of gals were talking about how much they love her writing. After sitting on my shelves for a few years I decided that her stories weren't really my cup of tea, but I love the old books themselves and wanted to use them for something. Besides, I should still be able to read the stories through the drawings since I'll only use pen and watercolors. :D

I did a little more in my scripture journal last night and I'm showing the cover again because I think I may have added something to it since my last picture of it...

Well, that's it for the moment. Everyone have a great Sunday, and I hope your Memorial Weekend festivities aren't rained out. It's raining here, but we need a good rain.

For more fun check out the 29 Faces Challenge and Sunday Sketches.



  1. Drawing over texts has a different feel to it. I must try that at some point! I like what you've added to your scripture journal. It's definitely coming together!

  2. What a great book to sketch in! It was already special to begin, a keepsake :)

  3. I LOVE your Scripture Journal ~ it is truly making the words come alive, very personal and unique. There's some good ideas there that I will want to makea note of!!!
    ( e.g. writing over a patch of colour...I like that :))
    Good on you for actually doing it! My journal (which is a day-to-day 'thoughts' journal) has come to a screeching halt since I started blogging!
    Shalom to you,
    xxx H

    1. Thanks for the encouraging words! It is difficult to keep up with journals. I'd never be able to do a daily journal, so I like something more open-ended so I can just add things as I feel like it. Who needs more deadlines in their life? :) Our blogging is kind of like another journal, so it can take time away from "real" artwork. But it's all fun!

  4. LOVE your pen and ink journal - what a great idea!!


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