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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Diva's Weekly Challenge #69-Groovy!

Hippy alert! To be honest I almost passed on this week's challenge. The groovy tangle looked too much like "scrumble", which is a tangle I have a lot of trouble with! However, on the way home from work the word "Groovy" just stole my heart! Yup, I'm an old hippy... Anyone who lived a few miles outside of Boulder, Colorado between the years of 1966 to 1980 has a warm spot in their heart for all things groovy. I thought, "This is too FAR OUT to pass up!" So, here is my rendition of this week's challenge...

Peace, baby... :D

Disclaimer: I intentionally didn't look at anyone else's tangle before doing this, so if there are thousands of peace signs out there...I DIDN'T COPY! lol! Oh, and for those of you with Wordpress blogs, I promise I am visiting your blogs, but it's just too hard to leave a comment! :(

I'm off to visit other groovy people for the Diva's Challenge!

Shalom! (Peace, of course.)


  1. Love your peace sign but then, maybe that's because I was "in the area, back in the day".

  2. It's just GROOVY! I was here in the 60's too.


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