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Friday, May 4, 2012

29 Faces-Day 4

For day 4 of the 29 Faces Challenge I decided to do THE DREADED SELF-PORTRAIT!

This shot was taken by my hubby as proof that I do, indeed, have some hair!

My dear daughter informed me that the drawing looked nothing like me. I'm not sure whether to be offended or relieved! :D (I think she felt she was being nice?) Anyway, I enjoyed doing the drawing. It looks like someone!

And now another sample of Bob Art!

I especially like the lady on the left with the crinkly eyes! The person on the right is more than a little scary!

Happy Day Four to all who are participating! And for those who aren't you can see more faces at the Ayala Art blog here!  I'm also going to post this on the Twenty Minute Challenge!

I'd also like to say thanks to Cameron of Paint Myself Pretty for the cute stickers and other ephemera she sent in the mail! What fun! I'm looking for ways to use them in my art.

AND lastly, I'm having fun getting to know my gouache! Here's a little flower I scribbled down before work this morning. I just needed to try out my new paints. I love the way the petals look when I add a dab of blue paint on the purple. I also have two shades of green on the leaves, but it doesn't show up as well. Anyway, it felt good to do a tiny bit of painting this morning, and I hope to do more this weekend!

Have fun with your art and everyone have a great weekend!



  1. Hi Lisa! I like the self portrait but you need to be in color. All fairy grandmothers do!

    1. LOL! I was thinking about adding some colored pencil. I'm not too confident of my painting skills when it comes to human faces! :)

  2. Haha -I like PomPom's reply:-) I find selfportraits so hard... they elicit such insecurities! Love your gouache flowers - vivid and whimsical!

  3. I love your self portrait - as mx says, they're so hard to do. Thank you for sharing :)


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