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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Letting go of some things...

Leslie at Paperlicious Delicious recently decided to take a break from art and blogging for a while. She got me thinking. As I've been doing various challenges lately I've found myself getting stressed over the deadlines and feeling like I'm spending too much time online and hiding away in my art nook. So... Well, I probably won't take an all out break, but I'm going to try to loosen my grip on the deadlines. I'll do something if I feel like it and won't if I don't. Life is too short to make work out of what should be play, right? I have a granddaughter, daughter and son-in-law living with me right now, so my empty nest has been refilled, and I need to be participating in their lives as much as I can while it lasts. They'll someday move out and I'll be wishing I had spent more time with them. Oh, I'll still do some art! Remember all those new goodies I wrote about in a recent post? But I won't be putting deadlines on myself. I'll post what I get around to doing, but I'll feel free to walk away from projects if I feel the need to be somewhere else. I would hope we would all do this, and you, reader, probably are. I just tend to become overly obsessed with this art thing, which is a good indication that I need to lay it down when I get that "driven" feeling about it. Hopefully I won't be too lazy to get out in the summer sunshine and I hope those of you in the UK get more of that! I'll be around! Shalom!
My little inspiration!


  1. I understand exactly what you are talking about, Lisa! I love the creative outlet and a place to share and get feedback, but I also find that it can own me at times. I call it my Irresistible Monster... though if I wanted to be completely honest, Scripturally it would be an idol... YIKES!! Did I just admit that??? I applaud you for taking a dead-line break. You encourage me to be more balanced as well!

    1. I would agree about art becoming an idol. I know the enemy of our souls loves to take something good and pervert it, so it's something we really have to watch. Balance is good! :D

  2. Love your A.W.Tozer quote on the side bar!


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