Pen and Ink...and maybe some paint

Friday, May 18, 2012

29 Faces-Day 18

For day 18 of the 29 Faces Challenge, another self-portrait. This is from my wedding photo, 32 years ago! Like my other self-portrait, and my drawing of my daughter, I didn't quite hit the mark, but it's practice, right?

Well, it's late. I got home from work and grocery shopping at about 9:30 and wanted to get my drawing in. Thunder storms here! We need the rain!

Good-night and shalom!


  1. You were a pretty bride, Lisa! I like your medieval looking head piece!

    1. Thank you! My dress was an off-the-rack long dress that was popular at that time. The brand was called Gunnysack, I believe. We had a very small, fairly informal wedding, mostly so my mom could have some pictures. Bob and I would have preferred to elope! :)


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