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Friday, March 14, 2014

A day for running errands...

I had an action-packed morning! I had many errands that needed doing, so I drove the 12 miles into what we call "town". My first stop was the transfer station, aka dump, where I deposited bags of garbage and my old humidifier, which had bitten the dust. Secondly, I went to the bank to cash in my big jar of coins. The proceeds from this jar go to the Messianic Jewish Israel Fund (see link on sidebar). Then off to the P.O. to drop it in the dropbox  in the alley. I then proceeded to the Bearly Used thrift store to drop of some dishes as a donation. Next I drove a half mile or so down the road to my church where I dropped off two heavy bags of Bibles which had been left with us many years ago by a friend who no longer plans to come back for them. I still have several Bibles at home, but I didn't want these collecting dust on my shelves if someone could use them. Back to town to the DMV where I needed to change a car title into my name and find out how to deal with another title problem on another vehicle. After that I went to the library to drop off two more heavy bags of books which I donated to the library book sale. (So many people are happy to take stuff off of my hands! Bless 'em!) Lastly, I drove to the Rising Hope Foundation's thrift shop where I dropped off a wood bread box as a donation. Then I browsed around the shop and ended up purchasing five books and 3 beautiful greeting cards. Here are the books I bought.

Not shown is a little bedtime story boardbook I bought for the grandgirls. The Reading Promise is actually on my Amazon Wish List, so I figure  I got a good deal for $2! I plan to scour my shelves yet more and pare down my book collection to just those things I really look forward to reading.
Here are a couple of pencil sketches I did yesterday that will eventually be ATC's for a swap called "Horses of Course".
This guy is standing in a river, hence the lack of a bottom half. :)
This one is taking some work to get him to look right.
I just got home to regroup and change clothes and now I'm off to my babysitting gig!
Hope you're having an exciting day, too!


  1. I'm reading The Reading Promise!
    It sounds like you had a fun and busy day, Lisa!

  2. I find it so fun and exhilarating to give stuff away -- to drop off bag after bag at stores and donation sites -- good for you!! The horses look excellent. I should sketch before I paint. That might help - haha :)


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