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Friday, March 21, 2014

The Bread and Butter Stories...

I'm still reading the introduction to The Bread and Butter Stories , and I'm enjoying Mary Norton's daughter's description of her childhood in Portugal. She mentioned that the Norton family was forced, by economic catastrophies in the '20's and '30's to move to a "small cottage clinging to a mountain in Sintra". This made me curious, so I found a YouTube video and took a virtual tour of Sintra, Portugal.

What a beautiful place to grow up!

Our snow has been melting quite a lot lately. There were even large bare patches of ground. Not too pretty, but a promise of spring. However, I woke up this morning to this!

HUGE, heavy, wet flakes! We've gotten several inches and the flakes are now much smaller, but I hope it doesn't get too deep. I've already swiped off my car and driven it in and out of my driveway to make sure I can get out later for my babysitting date.

A couple of days ago I plopped some watercolor on two ATC's and then let it do its thing. Here is one of the cards I'm working on for the Horse of Course swap. I was just sitting there this morning looking at the card and this little horse jumped out at me. I'm a little afraid of messing it up, so I'm cogitating about just how to finish his legs and body. He will be galloping furiously, I know that much! (That's his tail swooshing out to the right of his head, so it's a challenging angle to capture!)
This is the other ATC which I finished yesterday.
Now to read more of that good book!
Have much shalom in your day. :)

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  1. Oh That sucks! More Snow....Ugghhh. I guess I won't share what a beautiful day it was today.
    The cards are looking really nice.
    Hang in that snow will melt at some point...


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