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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Mama memories...

I'm trying to work on my photo albums in small bits so it isn't totally overwhelming. There's also the "mustiness factor" which seems to effect my sinuses a bit. I'm not one of those who spends lots of money on scrapbooking supplies. (That's an understatement.) I think I'll be doing well to get everything IN the albums, one way or another. I, actually, want to put just a sampling of pictures from each year and then I'll have a large tote containing the rest. Anyway, somewhere in my squirreling things away days I lost track of a big manila envelope with pictures of my mom. I just came across it again and am incorporating her pictures into the albums. Thus, the memories!

Ain't she cute? This is about age nine. I see where my little brother got his eyes.

Me and my little brother, Mark. Hmmm...I guess I got some of her eyes as well.

This is my grandpa Charles Moseman. Once again, I see my little brother's face.
That's my mom (Mary Jane) on the right. She's still about 9 or 10. I think she loved having her picture taken!

Here she is as a perky 14 year old. She grew up in a very poor family, but I think she learned the art of making the best of things and she seemed to be very happy and upbeat in her photos. I think she enjoyed life a lot.

Mom is the drum major on the left. Notice "major". The other two gals are majorettes. So Mom was the head honcho! The caption says that she's leading the Angleton High School band, one of 33 bands participating in the biggest football parade Houston has ever seen (as of 1950). Mom lived (and once again lives) in Angleton, TX, which is about 40 miles south of Houston. I consider Angleton to be my hometown, though I was born in a suburb of Houston.

Mom wrote a family history. I'll have to re-read it this afternoon with a cup of tea. :)

This is another little bit of family history that Mom sent in 2010. My brother, James, was evidently helping her to look up information on her mom's side of the family. Glenn, when I saw the date on this I was amazed! So much has happened with Mom's mental faculties in the last 3-1/2 years. She was such a sharp, intellectual person. Always organized and in charge. I've saved many of her emails and greeting cards to remember what a great mom and wise woman she was, and will be again! I look forward to seeing this wonderful lady when all is restored. And thank you, Glenn, for standing by her through all that's happening in her life right now. Bless your heart! Take care of yourself. (I obviously never got around to sending this copy and other photos back to Mom. Yikes...)
On the other side of the family...
How many can claim to be related to Ulysses Grant AND George Washington? LOL.
I was noticing the birth date of Ulysses and see he was born in 1865. Hmmm...any connection to his name? Oh, and he has the same birthday as my daughter! Just noticed that!
Family history can be fascinating. I tend to take it in small doses because I'd rather look forward than backwards. The best is yet to come! But, I'll probably do a little more photo sorting today and putz around with the continuing project of deciding what can be given to charity. I spend so much time reading and drawing that I don't get much done sometimes. The second bedroom is filling up with things to get rid of. Maybe a garage sale, if spring ever arrives! :)
Here's my latest ATC for the April Bizarre Holidays swap. I do apologize to Winston Churchill. It doesn't look much like him. I had seen this quote somewhere before, but didn't realize it was one of his. I like ol' Winston...
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! It's my weekend off, so I plan to do the same.
Shalom, my friends.


  1. Hi Lisa!
    How fun to spend some time pouring over old photos. Your mom looks a lot like you!
    I'm glad you are spending so much time reading and drawing!

  2. I enjoyed your post, Lisa, and particularly the photos of your mom. I think you look a lot like her. Probably more than your brother Glenn does. Like you I am pouring over stuff. Mine is years and years of papers collected because my dh and I were terribly afraid that if we threw something away, we'd need it later. It has happened. But now I am faced with many old things that carry SSNs or complete charge account numbers, because we didn't used to even think anyone would steal our identity. I went to a shredding event Saturday and will go to another one this next weekend. Not much fun but faster than shredding at home. As for photos, I just got some large containers and labeled one with my daughter's name and the other with my son's name. Whenever I come across a photo I think they would like I toss it in the correct box.

  3. Such a lovely post and the Churchill quote is wonderful. As is your drawing...very well done!

  4. I loved those photos of your mom! She does look like a cheery person, and what a testimony you give of her life! I wondered about the Ulysses Grant birthdate though -- 1865? How can that be? Perhaps his son or grandson? He was a general in 1865 :) Well, happy travels down memory lane. I enjoy days when I can relax enough to do that with a cup of tea.

  5. I also love the photos you posted. I have so many old letters I want to read and transcribe, I just avoid getting into the project, because I get really consumed with it. I have a similar "mustiness problem" with old books, photos and letters, only with me, it's my face that gets all red and fiery, from the dust I guess.


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