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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

New Bible!

I'm SO excited! I just ordered a new Bible! Well, actually, it's a used one in very good condition. :)
I've had the same NIV Bible since 1978, and it's really showing its age.

I was going to order a brand new one but then I became aware of something that hadn't even occurred to me. The NIV was revised in 2011. I read a few reader reviews and found they had changed some of the text to make it more politically correct. You know, I just don't need that. God can create "man" in His own image and that's fine with me.  (Man has been replaced with "man-kind". Could be worse, but I decided to just buy the 1999 edition and bypass this progressive version.)

And it's GIANT PRINT! Something I've wanted for a while now. I had thought of going all out and buying a nice soft, black, leather Bible, but didn't want to break the bank. This Bible is hardback like my old NIV, so I figure it will last me until I don't need it any more. (And only $19!)

So, I'm excited about my new Bible and I hope to do some illustrating in the margins as Pom-Pom has inspired me to do!
Y'all have a great evening. Shalom!


  1. Really revising the NIV ? I like old dictionarys and thesaurus too.

  2. How lovely! A new Bible is indeed something to get excited about, and I'm happy for you about the personalizing in the margins. :-)


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