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Monday, March 31, 2014

Glad to be home!

The weather outside is frightful! I got off work at 8 tonight and drove home in a blizzard. My car was covered with a coating of ice so I could hardly get the doors open and the layer of ice on my windows was so hard I could hardly chip through it. Driving home the road was a solid blanket of snow and I could hardly tell where I was. Angelic guides must have brought me home, that's all I can say! Then I find out that daughter Micah and her family are still in town grocery shopping. But she just texted and said they were safely home. Whew! It was almost funny when I tried to unlock my door at home. There was a layer of ice on it and I had to chip it away with my key and breathe on it to melt the ice. But I finally got in.

Here's another ATC for the April Bizarre Holiday swap!

Bizarre! Hey, maybe I'll get a snow day tomorrow! Hah!

Shalom and stay warm!


  1. Oh, my!
    We got a blast of cold air all day along with the rain - surprised by feeling as though it's January, not near-April!

  2. Hi Lisa! How cute: the pig in a blanket! I love it!
    Oh my goodness! Thank you, Jesus! Thank you for keeping my friend safe in the snow!

  3. I love that little pig-in-a-blanket :) Your weather does sound awful! Ice is so dangerous. Glad you all made it home safely. I'm ready for all my friends to be ice- and snow-free! Stay safe.


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