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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Drawing Lab-Lesson 2

Blind contour drawing; that's the next lesson we're working on with the Drawing Lab virtual drawing group I'm participating in. We're supposed to draw giraffes and we do this while looking at the giraffe photo and not looking down at our paper. The results are hilarious, but it's to teach your hand to follow what your eye sees. I think I prefer looking back and forth, lol! Anyway, here are my results. (I probably glanced a little here and there I must confess. And they STILL turned out this badly.)

I'm enjoying participating with all of the ladies and visiting everyone's blogs to see what they've done! Keep up the good work, everybody!


  1. love your giraffes, they turned out real nice... wasn´t much fun to draw blind ;)

  2. I think your giraffes are nice! I think the author chose them because they are such oddly shaped anyways...haha! I'm so thrilled you are catching up with us on these lessons :)

  3. I love giraffes. You have the shapes here really good.


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