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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Drawing Lab-Lesson 8

Lesson 8 over at Paint Myself Pretty for the Drawing Lab is to make three random paintings using red, blue and yellow paint. Just slop it on any old way. After it dries try to find an imaginative animal in it and draw the details in pen. This is what I found hiding in mine.
My blobs...
My three drawings...
At first all I could see in this was the snake shape, but then it reminded me of a camel. I thought that was too obvious, so I went for the Bronto!

There was a butterfly leaping out at me, but I thought maybe I did that on purpose. I really couldn't see anything else until just now when I saw the duck.

This is my favorite! I knew it was a yak from the beginning. I just had to find a photo online to get the details. :)

This lesson was fun! Looking forward to Lesson Nine. But most importantly...I caught up with the class finally! lol!

Happy arting!


  1. Amazing job you did ! I struggle with this lesson. I have a hard time with this three colors, they are so outstanding for me, that I couldn´t see anything (had 5 cards on the go ;) than I painted on her back only lines and the comes the landscape...the yak is my favorite too!!

  2. Oh my gosh.....see, you saw outside the obvious so well!!! I just couldn't do that...haha!
    These are great! I love that yak, too!!

    Okay, time for us to move on to the next section...yay!

  3. Yes this does look like a lot of fun! I love her silly drawings! Patsy from


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