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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Drawing Lab Lesson 4 and 5

I have to admit, I couldn't even begin to draw this bird without pausing the video. The screen shot changed every half second or so and it was impossible. I probably negated the whole reason for the exercise. But here is what I got. Figuring out how the tail feathers were put together was the hardest part and I never got a really clear picture of them from the video.

If you haven't seen this video already, you really are in for a treat! Fact or fiction? ;)

Here are three more. I couldn't resist drawing Cameron's little cheetah baby. I don't think I quite captured his babyishness. Then there's a Maned Dog (or was it wolf? They described it as a fox on stilts!) and an anteater. I tried to draw while letting the video run on these. I did much better in that respect!

Hop on over to Cameron's blog called Paint Myself Pretty and look at what everyone is doing for Drawing Lab!
Happy Easter!

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  1. Happy Easter Lisa. I am really enjoying seeing your lovely animal and bird drawings.


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