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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Drawing Lab Lesson 3

Yup, I'm hurrying to catch up with the class! Here is lesson 3 which involves drawing quick sketches of a moving animal. Our horse pasture is right outside the window over my art desk, so it was pretty easy to sit here in my comfy chair and draw horses. Don't confuse these with my blind contour drawings. They're just as bad! I think I prefer drawing from a still photo. I need more time to study and draw and erase and draw again... Here is what I ended up with. These are of two different mares and a yearling colt. Don't laugh. ;)

Looking forward to the next lesson!
Shalom, all!


  1. wow, they are amazing!!! I remember, how I allways thought "don´t move... don´t move" and I think about to press the "pause"-Button ;), but I havn´t... I am so proud :)

  2. Well are very good at drawing horses, especially munching ones:) I could even tell which was the colt!

  3. Don't laugh?! Oh my gosh! These are incredible!! I think you did an awesome job at capturing their stances and shapes!!

    Don't discount your talent, Dear Lisa!


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