Pen and Ink...and maybe some paint

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I know those on the other side of the pond get a head start on me. Hope you don't mind if I post now! Hee, hee!

My desk may not look too inspirational from this vantage point, but to me there is inspiration enough. First of all...
Got my WOYWW badge from Julia! Woo-hoo! Thanks so much, Julia. Makes me feel special! I too wonder if I will ever meet another one!
The headphones that are tangled around my badge are there so I can listen to music videos and tutorials on my computer. One of my favorite people to listen to is my son Jordan, who has lots of music videos on YouTube.
The messy paint blobs in my sketchbook are my attempt to do Lesson 8 of the Drawing Lab lessons. Check out my previous post for an up close look.
I'll be checking up on lots of other workdesks for WOYWW!


  1. Your desk is very, very colorful this week. Glad you got your badge. I know how special that little envelope was and the great feeling you got when you opened it! Happy WOYWW, although Julia isn't here to give us a number, yet.

  2. I like this. I've visited Carolyn's posts featuring her desk, too.

    1. Hi Pom! It is fun to snoop around other people's desks. I know you have a beautiful spot to do your creating. I think I'm going to have to do more creating and less joining challenges, etc.! :)

  3. I love that you find creativity all around you. So many people seem to look outside of their own space! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Oh what fun!!!!! Your workspace is so colourful and fun! I love it and you badge is so cool too!!!!!!

  5. Love the colours of your messy paint blobs, at least you get to do some art, it's school holidays here, so no paint for me. I keep my WOYWW badge in front of me on my desk too, makes us all feel connected and special.
    Have a great week.
    Von #42

  6. Lots of lovely colour on your busy desk.... Love it, Have a great week, Hugs May x x x No15

  7. I took a diversion before I arrived at your desk and went to your web page where you had the lyrics for Star of the County Down up - I love that song!! I play it on my penny whistle and love Van Morrison's version. Are you a closet folkie then? I followed the link to Jordan's songs, good singer!
    Hugs, LLJ #3 xx
    PS Oh, liked your desk too, lol!!

  8. I haven't got a creative space/workdesk...yet!
    But I'm so inspired by yours and others in the WOYWW gang!
    I MUST arrange my scattered things in one space. Not much space in our house, mind you...

    I love that you listen to your son's music.
    Have a happy day, early bird!
    xxx Hazelnut / Alex

  9. Must follow that link to your sons you tube channel - how lovely , you must be proud of him. Good luck with the Lab.

    Thanks for sharing - and your comment on my blog - I always seem to be playing "catch up". Thanks for the number too - makes it so much easier. Hugs, Neeet #10 again xx

  10. What a colourful desk, I wonder what will be the next step....
    You must be so proud of your son! Oh congrats to you badge. I am new to WOYWW, so I don't know what you have achieved to get it, but I am sure it was well deserved lol....
    Have a great week #32

  11. Yay! You got your badge too! Awesome! Your desk looks like there's lots of fun happening!!

    Here's a link to a little video from EK Success that kind of shows more about Smashbooks.
    I'm in love with them! If you're still interested and on Facebook, there's a group on there I belong to called Smash*aholics. There is SO much information and inspiration from the members on there!!!

    Happy Wednesday!

    Amy E. #31

  12. Oops, I guess I'm #30 now, not 31!!

  13. Thanks for visiting my desk. Your drawings are superb and colourful too. - BJ #42

  14. Gives us a great link to have our badges! Lovely snoop on all your creativity and also your son Jordan's talent. Thanks for popping in on me too,
    Love joZarty x
    off to look at some more of your links..

  15. Lovely creative happenings on your desk it is quite special to have a woyww badge.

  16. Much color and creativity going on here this week! Happy WOYWW

  17. Your space looks very inspirational and creative.
    I'm waiting with baited breath for my badge to arrive.
    Thanks for nipping over to visit me...I get so excited receiving visitors.
    Happy WOYWW :D Neesie #12

  18. Gorgeous paint on your pages! I love this sort of thing...

    Thanks for your comment on my blog, and I'm glad you like my zentangles. As far as my blog background is concerned, I am aware that the purple colour isn't brilliant, but as I pointed out, it's a work in progress and hopefully it will all be sorted in a day or two. Please bear with me!!

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #18

  19. great crafting space and the hardest thing is where to display your woyww badge now :)
    have a fab crafty week and
    happy woyww

  20. I visited here last night and thought I had commented already. Inspiration is different for everyone. Hope you find another woywwer x

  21. Love your desk, and I'm glad to see you got a badge too! Wouldn't it be fun if we all met up one day?

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Morti #4

  22. I think the messy blogs are pretty darn cool! I'll have to check out your linked post and Drawing Lab. :)

    Susan #130-ish

  23. I think everyone finds inspiration everywhere, your journal is fab so colourful. Take care, enjoy WOYWW snooping! Love Zo xx 75

  24. ...loVe your bright colours...I'd like to start a journal at some point we certainly gleen lots of inspiration from each other...Mel :)

  25. Hi Lisa! Thanks for coming by my blog earlier (#24). How do you like Minnesota after leaving Texas? I'm originally from Missouri, and have to admit, I'm not overly fond of Texas, except for the winter weather! ;) Happy WOYWW!

  26. Lovely work - thanks for sharing.


  27. I actually thought of posting last night too... there were already quite a few on there ... but, it was 11:30 p.m....and my eyes were too tired to bother.... it seems to take me quite a qwhile to get it all organized some days... and now...I am way down the list as usual....I am ....


  28. So impressed that you take lessons , and loving the colours on your've got some great light going on in your room, how lovley.

  29. I thought the doodles in your book where you trying to imitate the colors and design in your WOYWW badge! I quit doing lessons after I took a color theory class and could suddenly no longer color, being bogged down by all these rules!

  30. interesting desk, very colourfull this week.
    janet '19

  31. love those badges going all over the world! thanks for posting my giveaway, Lisa! happy WOYWW, happy Easter season and thanks for sharing!
    blessings and hugs from #23
    peggy aplSEEDS

  32. So pleased you like your badge - fab aren't they. I love the way your splashes of painting in the first photo echo the badge!

    Sorry I'm late hopping over, yesterday was manic here! Belated Happy WOYWW. Di xx

  33. Love the painty scribblings, really pretty
    Sophie x

  34. Lots of inspiration going on there - lovely to see!

    Happy WOYWW!

    Sheena (#161)

  35. It looks to me as though you have plenty of inspiration on your desk at the moment. have fun with it. Thank you for your visit and your lovely comments. Have a good week. xx Maggie #2

  36. Plenty going on, on your desk, Lisa. Like you I listen to videos on the computer, it's that or the radio but I don't use earphones - I'd forget I had them on and probably walk away with them still attached :) Hope you have a lovely weekend. Elizabeth x #26

  37. I love your desk and yes the badge is so great. Maybe we will meet. #25


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