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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Drawing Lab-Lesson Nine

This is for Lesson Nine of Drawing Lab. We're to draw two portraits using our non-dominant hand. In my case, this is my left hand. Here is the photo I drew from for my first portrait. Sorry, Angelina!

And my drawing...

Here's my second photo...

And my second left-handed drawing...

Hmmm...she looks like my husband's ex-wife...and a lady at work!
This was kind of fun and harder than I thought it would be! Thanks to Cameron at Paint Myself Pretty for posting these Drawing Lab lessons. I'm enjoying this so much!



  1. Wow! Those are really awesome, Lisa!! You did so much better at hair and eyes than I managed!

    It was hard, wasn't it....but a great exercise for the other side of our brains!
    Thanks again for linking up :D

  2. cool portraits Lisa !!!! I love this excersize :)


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