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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Chick Lit!

I was excited to find my copy of M.K.'s book, Punkin and the Littlest Mouse, in my mailbox today!
It turned out really well, M.K.!
  I love that you used your own farm as the model for your paintings. It's very familiar to those of us who follow your blog! (Not to mention, your own chickens!)
 I love all the delicate watercolor paintings!
 These feathers turned out beautifully. Gives me an idea for a stamp!

 Pretty leaves!

 I also love the coat of arms! Very cute!

This is my second book by M.K. I also have her e-book, Three Against the Darkness. I guess that makes me a collector!  Thanks again, for this cheerful little book. Someday I'll make one for my grandchildren.

 M.K., I know you are presently traveling to your parents' home for your dad's funeral. My prayers and love are with you. I know you love your daddy a lot! I also know that you rejoice that he is eternally healed and is in the presence of Jesus and all of those who have gone on before. May God wrap you and your family in peace that passes understanding.

God bless everyone!


  1. I love MK's book. I didn't know her daddy had passed away. God be with her.
    Bill's colonoscopy was good, all clear! Thank you, Jesus!

  2. Sweet, sweet book. I didn't know about MK's dad either. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I'm looking forward to receiving my copy of that cute little book.

  4. A really nice book! It could also have been made by Lisa! But "found by Lisa" is precious, too!

  5. Thank you, Lisa! I'm glad you are enjoying it. It took me aback, to see you say you had two of my books. I still just don't think of myself as A Writer, if you know what I mean :) Thank you for your sweet words about Daddy. I am back home now, and settling my heart and smoothing my feathers :) I miss him, but am so glad he has now completed a huge step in his forward progress toward living on a New Earth. He gives me courage to face my own mortality.

  6. LOVE the chooks. I love sketching them too


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