Pen and Ink...and maybe some paint

Tuesday, March 13, 2012 commissioned this painting! :)

I hope the tree is recognizable as a tree! I can see now why "only God can make a tree"! We can only "represent" one. :) And I think Toad must have gone on a diet, lol!

Hope you enjoy it! Are the boys still with you?

Shalom my friends!


  1. I love it, Lisa! The boys are staying with Mags for St. Patrick's Day. Isn't that fun?
    I got a new The Wind in the Willows (well, it's old really!) and guess who illustrated it? Tasha Tudor! I'll be posting about it soon. The pictures are so great!
    I love your Ratty most of all, Lisa! You are so right about the tree drawing. I knit a tree once and it still hangs in the basement looking so much like . . . a knitted tree!
    Look at you go, with all your amazing art! Hooray!

  2. You make very nice sketches Lisa, and I love those pics of children on the sidebar. Happy sketching .


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