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Monday, March 19, 2012

Paint boxes...

M.K at Through a Glass Darkly mentioned that she uses cheap kids' watercolors and so I thought I would display my impressive array of watercolors. I just love to look at pics of watercolor boxes! Is that weird? Some of them have zillions of colors and others more humble combinations, but they all promise artistic adventures. Someday I may invest in something more expensive, but for now, my little boxes keep me happy dabbling along. (I stuff them all into the basket you see in the background.)
I'm working on another Modigliani. Having fun with that!
I have a collection of old hymnals. Some of them are so antique and unique that I wouldn't dare to disassemble them for art projects, but these three seemed right for that use. I'd like to find some favorite hymns and do pen and ink sketches having something to do with the message of the song. Maybe I'll add some watercolor as well. I'll have fun experimenting with this.
I love looking at other people's creative spaces, so I'm really enjoying What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday on the Stamping Ground blog. Visit and see where others do their artwork!

Paint on!



  1. What a great idea to paint and decorate the pages of an old hymnal. Someday someone will find it and feel the song in your heart.

  2. Thanks, Lisa! It makes me feel better to know that you're using those cheap kids sets too :) One of mine looks ANCIENT. Thanks so much for posting neat things here, and keeping art on my mind. It's such a relaxing thing to do, so helpful to me and Julia both. You're an inspiration.

    1. It's fun to have company on the journey! :)

  3. How great to be dabbling, and without fear of the expense too. Thanks for the visit earlier #77


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