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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Twenty Minute Challenge and Illustration Friday

This is why I don't do sketches of my grandchildren! :D
This is my darling grandson, Nathan, who lives far away in Ft. Worth, TX. (More proof of his cuteness on the sidebar!) When IF came up with "shades" as the topic of the week, I thought immediately of this photo of Nathan.

My sketch of him surely doesn't do him justice, but it will fill the bill for the challenge and since I did it in less than 20 minutes, I'll submit it to Twenty Minute Challenge as well. Sorry, Nathan! I didn't mean to insult your wonderful cuteness. It's just the best old grandma can do right now! Mwah on your chubby little cheek!
Proving once again that only God can make a tree...or a baby.


  1. Hi - saw this in 20 min ch. and hopped over here. Actually you have done a great job with this sketch and I absolutely love the photograph - of course, he will hate this photo when he is 21 and has a girlfriend!

    1. Thanks, Ann! Yeah, we will definitely have to dig out the photo when he's dating age!

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