Pen and Ink...and maybe some paint

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Rubbing my hands together in gleeful anticipation!

It looks like a fun week of challenges! The Sketchbook Challenge for the month is "Flowers". I'll be looking around for an unusual subject. The Rookie Painter challenge is a still life of pears, which looks, well, challenging! I will check in on Illustration Friday and Inspiration Avenue to see if they have anything interesting going on and, of course, I can always draw something in 20 minutes and post it on the Twenty Minute Challenge blog! I'm really enjoying all of the challenges. It really helps to get so many ideas and being able to post your art on other blogs is exciting.

Oh, and Mags, drawing people in swamp willows is on my to-do list! :D

I discovered a new blog today, and I look forward to browsing further. For some beautiful nature sketches visit Bur Oak Botanicals!

Happy creativity!


  1. Lisa, did you do the sketch at the top with the little boy flying a kite?? If so, WOW. It's lovely. You are making me want to get out my watercolours and pens...
    Hazelnut x

    1. No, no! That's one of Ernest Shepard's drawings. I'm a big fan of his! I hope you WILL get out your watercolours and pens and have fun playing! :D

  2. Oh so am I! ( A fan)...I didn't recognise it!
    I really like your Spring sketch, anyway, with the Fresh Air above and the rose, and wiggly things in the earth below. Its vibrant!
    Happy painting! I look forward to seeing more :)
    xx Hazelnut

  3. There is such a buzz at your blog just now! Is it Spring or are you high on life and lines generally? I love it- it's very inspiring! I will wait patiently for the willows- I can tell you have many exciting thoughts buzzing around!

    1. You are quite an inspiration with your swamp willow people! I'll have to work up some courage since drawing people is sort of scary for me. But I'll venture forth...sometime in the not too distant future...I hope. :/


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