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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Rookie Painter Challenge #35

I tried doing a watercolor of this still life and it was a disaster! So, when beginning again I decided to try something different with an old book I've been wanting to do some art in. This is the version I submitted to Rookie Painter Challenge. I did add some more details later and didn't like it as much as this simpler version.
The type in the background may be too busy for the stippling, but I did have fun giving it a try and I look forward to more artwork in old books!
I finished my challenge for Ayala Art also, but my camera battery went kapoot. I'll put it up when the batteries are recharged. Trying to follow my resolution and just relax and enjoy what I'm doing. After these two are posted I may scale down to one challenge at a time. Since the Ayala challenge involves 3 more paintings over the next 3 weeks, I could probably handle that well.

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  1. Ooooo, I really like that! What a marvelous idea to use old books as background. I actually think the print and stippling works well together, for it provides continuity.


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